The Theory of Architecture: Concepts Themes & Practices

Paul-Alan Johnson

ISBN: 9788126572021

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The Theory of Architecture Concepts, Themes & Practices Paul-Alan Johnson Although it has long been thought that theory directs architectural practice, no one has explained precisely how the connection between theory and practice is supposed to work. This guide asserts that architectural theory does not direct practice, but is itself a form of reflective practice. Paul-Alan Johnson cuts through the jargon and mystery of architectural theory to clarify how it relates to actual applications in the field. He also reveals the connections between new and old ideas to enhance the reader's powers of critical evaluation. Nearly 100 major concepts, themes, and practices of architecture--as well as the rhetoric of architects and designers--are presented in an easily accessible format.

  • Theoretical Positions.
  • The Definition of Architecture.
  • Power Structures and the Architect.
  • Professional Attitudes.
  • Ethics and Architecture.
  • Ordering Architecture.
  • Authority in Architecture.
  • Governing Concepts of Architects.
  • Relationships in Architecture.
  • Architecture Expression.
  • References.
  • Index.