Wiley's SBI Junior Associates Mains Exam Goalpost Solved Papers and Practice Tests

DT Editorial Services

ISBN: 9788126573509

312 pages

INR 299


SBI Junior Associates (Mains) Exam Goalpost Solved Papers & Practice Tests is the FIRST book of its kind for this exam that comes with detailed solutions, not just the answer key, for each and every question included in it. It promotes self-evaluation by enabling you to not only practice and revise concepts, but also keep track of your progress. This book allows you to clarify your doubts and remove the fears generally associated with exams, improve your concentration, and hone your time management skills, enabling you to answer the questions within the given time frame.


Unique Features of the Book

EXAM Day Strategy

How to Take Practice Tests?

SBI Junior Associates (Mains) Exam 2018

What should you Keep in Mind on the Day of this Exam?

What’s More?

Computer Based Test (CBT)


Section 1: Solved Paper


1. SBI Junior Associates (Mains) Exam Analysis, 2016

2. SBI Junior Associates (Mains) Exam 2016 (Answers and Explanations)


Section 2: Practice Tests


1. Practice Test 1 Exam Analysis

2. Practice Test 1 (Answers and Explanations)

3. Practice Test 2 Exam Analysis

4. Practice Test 2 (Answers and Explanations)

5. Practice Test 3 Exam Analysis

6. Practice Test 3 (Answers and Explanations)

7. Practice Test 4 (Answers and Explanations)

8. Practice Test 5 (Answers and Explanations)

9. Practice Test 6 (Answers and Explanations)

10. Practice Test 7 (Answers and Explanations)

11. Practice Test 8 (Answers and Explanations)

12. Practice Test 9 (Answers and Explanations)

13. Practice Test 10 (Answers and Explanations)

14. Practice Test 11 (Answers and Explanations)



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