Digital Marketing All - In - One For Dummies

Stephanie Diamond

ISBN: 9788126534623

824 pages

INR 899


Discover how to optimize your integration from traditional to digital, uncover tips to prove ROI of marketing activities, and increase audience engagement with the proven digital marketing strategy and tactics found in this accessible, comprehensive guide. Learn how to determine the best product and market fit for your business, measure what your traffic is worth from any source, and offer an effective lead magnet to convert visitors. Use these tools, and more, to change the relationship from prospect to loyal customer.


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Book 1: Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Chapter 1: Developing Your Overall Digital Strategy

Understanding the Components of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Communicating Your Mission

Establishing Your Goals

Expanding Your Corporate Mindset

Dipping into User Design and Habits


Chapter 2: Grabbing the Attention of Your Customer

Focusing on Attention

Making Your Content Easy to Consume

Deploying Interactive Content


Chapter 3: Discovering Your Business Model and Brand

Separating Your Business Model from Your Brand

Analyzing Your Business Model

Discovering Your Brand

Solidifying the Look of the Brand

Developing Success Measures for Your Brand

Producing Engaging Branded Content


Chapter 4: Deciding which Marketing Campaign to Create

Establishing Marketing Objectives

Defining a Digital Marketing Campaign

Understanding the Three Major Types of Campaigns

Balancing Your Marketing Campaign Calendar

Choosing the Campaign You Need Now

Viewing Your Digital Marketing through the Campaign Lens


Chapter 5: Crafting Offers That Sell

Offering Value in Advance

Designing an Ungated Offer

Designing a Gated Offer

Designing Deep-Discount Offers

Maximizing Profit


Chapter 6: Planning B2B Campaign Success

Setting Key Performance Indicators

Testing Your Campaigns

Knowing You Aren't Wasting Money


Book 2: Uncovering the Customer Experience

Chapter 1: Interacting with Customer Data

Understanding Big Data

Uncovering the Role Big Data Plays in Content Marketing

Discovering the Internet of Things

Visualizing Big Data


Chapter 2: Uncovering Buyer Personas

Reviewing Persona Development

Collecting Information

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Looking at How Generations Differ

Identifying a Prospect's Emotions

Keeping Up with Trends


Chapter 3: Structuring the Buyer Journey

Harnessing the Customer Experience

Uncovering Commercial Intent

Defending Against Competitors

Identifying the Stages of the Buyer Journey

Personalizing Your Content


Chapter 4: Embracing Sales Enablement

Discovering Sales Enablement

Understanding the new role of sales reps

Training Your Salesforce

Coaching Your Reps to Become Winners

Checking Out Sales Enablement Blogs


Book 3: Dipping Into Content Creation

Chapter 1: Creating Your Content Plan

Evaluating Your Content

Assessing Your Content

Visualizing Your Sites

Focusing on Specialized Content


Chapter 2: Reviewing Content Types

Dipping into Content Categories

Working with Original Short- and Long-Form Content

Using Curation

Making Use of User-Generated Content

Repurposing Content to Add Value

Viewing Aggregated Visual Content

Dealing with Live Video Content

Extending Business News

Offering Online Courses

Managing Content Formats


Chapter 3: Understanding the Customer's Intent

Knowing the Dynamics of Content Marketing

Finding Your Path to Perfect Content Marketing

Executing Perfect Content Marketing

Distributing Content to Attract an Audience


Chapter 4: Creating Content That Tells a Story

Storytelling to Engage Your Audience

Structuring Your Content Using Stories


Chapter 5: Defining Your Content Framework Using Processes and Systems

Organizing the Content Process

Determining Roles and Responsibilities

Managing the Workflow

Documenting Your Policies and Procedures


Chapter 6: Targeting Content for Your B2B Audience

Creating a Content Library

Humanizing Content

Reaching Through Technology


Book 4: Reaching Your Millennial Audience

Chapter 1: Figuring Out Millennials

Discovering Why Millennials Matter

Leveraging Millennial Influence

Meeting Millennials Where They are


Chapter 2: Looking at the Influence of Millennials

Understanding the Marketer's Perception of Millennials

The Millennial Mindset


Chapter 3: Pursuing a Data Strategy

Recognizing the Value of Data

Pinpointing Key Indicators in Your Data

Using Your Data as the Foundation of Your Strategy

Identifying Data Sources

Analyzing Your Data on a Regular Basis


Chapter 4: Finding Millennials on Traditional Media

Taking Advantage of Television (with or without the Budget)

Targeting Millennials with Print Media

Incorporating Email into Your Strategy


Chapter 5: Experimenting with the Share Economy

Positioning Your Brand Around Sharing

Establishing a Voice

Running a Niche Campaign for the Share Economy

Encouraging Audience Participation

Measuring Results


Chapter 6: Developing the Brand Experience

Creating a Brand Experience Strategy

Identifying Touchpoints for Your Audience

Checking Off Elements for Each Touchpoint

Developing a Customer Relationship

Segmenting Your Content

Integrating the Experience for an Omni-Channel Strategy

Tracking the Brand Experience Across Different Media

Running Brand Experience Campaigns


Book 5: Implementing Channel Promotions

Chapter 1: Identifying Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned Media

Understanding Types of Media

Utilizing Paid Media

Championing Earned Media

Enhancing Shared Media

Amplifying Owned Media

Creating a Framework for Achieving the Right Mix


Chapter 2: Using Search Marketing

Knowing the Three Key Players in Search Marketing

Targeting Search Queries

Optimizing Your Assets for Specific Channels

Earning Links


Chapter 3: Making Content Shareable

Embracing Shareability as a Strategy

Uncovering the Five Ws and One H of Online Sharing

Adding Social Bookmarking

Making SEO a Priority

Deploying Hashtags to Encourage Sharing


Chapter 4: Considering Email Marketing

Understanding Marketing Emails

Sending Broadcast and Triggered Emails

Building a Promotional Calendar

Creating Email Campaigns

Writing and Designing Effective Emails

Getting More Clicks and Opens

Ensuring Email Deliverability


Book 6: Connecting with Influencers

Chapter 1: Communicating with Influencers

Defining Influencer Marketing

Identifying the Primary Influencer Platforms

Engaging Stellar Influencers

Making Influencer Marketing Work for You


Chapter 2: Collaborating to Win

Discovering the Evolving Role of Influencers

Recognizing Influencer Types

Finding the Right Influencers

Uncovering New Influencers

Influencing with Customer Advocacy

Enhancing Word of Mouth (WOM) with Advertising

Paid Influencer Programs


Chapter 3: Engaging Influencers Using the "Three Cs"

Communicating Like a Pro

Upping Your Game: Creating an Influencer Contract

Compensating Influencers Fairly


Chapter 4: Succeeding with Influencer Marketing

Secret #1: Set Realistic Campaign Goals

Secret #2: Know Your Audience

Secret #3: Stay on Message

Secret #4: Be Agile

Secret #5: Recognize the Power of Emotional Stories

Secret #6: You Get What You Measure


Chapter 5: Getting Creative

Getting Creative and Letting Go

What If It All Goes Wrong?


Chapter 6: Working with an Agency

So, You Want to Hire an Influencer Marketing Agency

Deciding Which Type of Agency is Right for You

One-Off Events versus Continuity Campaigns


Book 7: Facebook Marketing

Chapter 1: Delving into Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook, and Why is It So Popular?

Understanding the Marketing Potential of Facebook

Understanding Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page


Chapter 2: Creating a Facebook Marketing Plan

Understanding the Power of Word of Mouth on Facebook

Understanding Your Facebook Audience

Defining Your Marketing Goals

Developing Your Content Strategy

Encouraging Audience Engagement

Monitoring and Reporting Page Activity

Integrating Your Online and Offline Campaigns


Chapter 3: Selling Products and Services Using Facebook Offers

Understanding Facebook Offers

Creating an Offer for Your Page

Getting the Most from Your Offer

Promoting Your Offer


Chapter 4: Uniting Facebook with Other Social Media

Making Facebook Part of Your Marketing Mix

Promoting Your Facebook Presence Offline

Optimizing Your Page for Search Results

Integrating Instagram into Your Other Marketing Channels

Getting Inside Your Customers' Heads


Chapter 5: Getting into Instagram

Promoting Your Brand on Instagram

Using Your Instagram Account

Determining What is Photo-Worthy for Your Brand

Using Hashtags in Your Instagram Posts

Finding Friends and Fans on Instagram

Using Instastories


Chapter 6: Promoting Advanced Customer Engagement

Using Facebook Messenger to Communicate with Customers

Developing a Better Customer Experience

Getting Started with Facebook Live


Book 8: Deploying Other Social Media

Chapter 1: Leveraging Social Media

Thinking Strategically about Social Media Integration

Integrating Social Media with E-Newsletters

Integrating Social Media with Press Releases

Integrating Social Media with Your Website


Chapter 2: Working with Twitter

Finding the Right People to Follow

Finding Out Who is Talking about You on Twitter

Responding to Tweets

Searching on Twitter

Tweeting Like a Pro

Sharing on Twitter

Following the Twitter Rules of Etiquette

Hosting a Tweet-Up


Chapter 3: Looking at YouTube

Looking at YouTube Basics

Promoting on YouTube

Seeding a Viral Campaign

Advertising on YouTube


Chapter 4: Reviewing Pinterest

Understanding Pinterest

Getting Started

Getting on Board

Pinning on Pinterest

Following on Pinterest

Sharing on Pinterest

Driving Traffic with Pinterest

Building Your Pinterest Community


Book 9: Analyzing Data for Success

Chapter 1: Looking Back at Your Business Model

Validating Business Models

Reviewing Your Brand Status


Chapter 2: Reassessing Your Strategy

Allowing for Failed Experiments

Looking Back at Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Chapter 3: Reviewing Ongoing Improvement for B2B Marketing

Ongoing Account Maintenance

Gauging Potential Opportunities

Providing Added Value


Chapter 4: Achieving Maximum ROI

Understanding Split Testing

Selecting Page Elements to Optimize

Getting Ready to Test

Preparing to Launch

Calling a Test

Knowing How a Test Performed

Analyzing the Test




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