Hadoop in Action

Chuck Lam

ISBN: 9788177228137

336 pages

INR 699


Hadoop in Action introduces the subject and teaches you how to write programs in the MapReduce style. It starts with a few easy examples and then moves quickly to show Hadoop use in more complex data analysis tasks. Included are best practices and design patterns of MapReduce programming. This book requires basic Java skills. Knowing basic statistical concepts can help with the more advanced examples.


Hadoop-A Distributed Programming Framework

• Introducing Hadoop

• Starting Hadoop

• Components of Hadoop

Hadoop In Action

• Writing basic MapReduce programs

• Advanced MapReduce

• Programming Practices

• Cookbook

• Managing Hadoop

Hadoop Gone Wild

• Running Hadoop in the cloud

• Programming with Pig

• Hive and the Hadoop herd

• Case studies


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