Hadoop in Practice, 2ed

Alex Holmes

ISBN: 9789351197423

512 pages

INR 799


It's always a good time to upgrade your Hadoop skills! Hadoop in Practice, Second Edition provides a collection of 104 tested, instantly useful techniques for analyzing real-time streams, moving data securely, machine learning, managing large-scale clusters and taming big data using Hadoop. This completely revised edition covers changes and new features in Hadoop core, including MapReduce 2 and YARN. You'll pick up hands-on best practices for integrating Spark, Kafka and Impala with Hadoop and get new and updated techniques for the latest versions of Flume, Sqoop and Mahout. In short, this is the most practical, up-to-date coverage of Hadoop available.


Part 1 Background and Fundamentals


1 Hadoop in a Heartbeat

1.1 What is Hadoop?

1.2 Getting your hands dirty with MapReduce

1.3 Summary


2 Introductions to Yarn

2.1 YARN overview

2.2 YARN and MapReduce

2.3 YARN applications

2.4 Summary


Part 2 Data Logistics


3 Data Serialization-Working with Text and Beyond

3.1 Understanding inputs and outputs in MapReduce

3.2 Processing common serialization formats

3.3 Big data serialization formats

3.4 Columnar storage

3.5 Custom file formats

3.6 Chapter summary


4 Organizing and Optimizing Data in Hdfs

4.1 Data organization

4.2 Efficient storage with compression

4.3 Chapter summary


5 Moving Data into and out of Hadoop

5.1 Key elements of data movement

5.2 Moving data into Hadoop

5.3 Moving data into Hadoop

5.4 Moving data out of Hadoop

5.5 Chapter summary


Part 3 Big Data Patterns


6 Applying MapReduce Patterns to Big Data

6.1 Joining

6.2 Sorting

6.3 Sampling

6.4 Chapter summary


7 Utilizing Data Structures and Algorithms at Scale

7.1 Modeling data and solving problems with graphs

7.2 Modeling data and solving problems with graphs

7.3 Bloom filters

7.4 HyperLogLog

7.5 Chapter summary


8 Tuning, Debugging and Testing

8.1 Measure, measure, measure

8.2 Tuning MapReduce

8.3 Debugging

8.4 Testing MapReduce jobs

8.5 Chapter summary


Part 4 Beyond MapReduce


9 SQL on Hadoop

9.1 Hive

9.2 Impala

9.3 Spark SQL

9.4 Chapter summary


10 Writing a Yarn Application

10.1 Fundamentals of building a YARN application

10.2 Building a YARN application to collect cluster statistics

10.3 Additional YARN application capabilities

10.4 YARN programming abstractions

10.5 Summary

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