Thermal and Hydraulic Machines

R.K. Singal, Rishi Singal

ISBN: 9789389976809

328 pages

INR 385


Thermal and Hydraulic Machines has been introduced as a core subject for Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and students of other branches of engineering by various technical universities. The present book has been designed to meet the requirements of teachers and students for the above important subject.



Unit I: Thermodynamics and Vapour Power Cycles

1. Thermodynamics: Basic Concepts

2. Vapour Power Cycles


Unit II: Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine

3. Steam Turbine

4. Gas Turbine


Unit III: Compressors and I.C. Engines

5. Compressors

6. I.C. Engines

7. Impact of Jet

8. Hydraulic Turbines


Unit V: Hydraulic Pumps

9. Centrifugal Pumps

10. Reciprocating Pump





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