Genetic Engineering: Replication, Expression, Cloning, Manipulation

H.K. Das

ISBN: 9788194726388

588 pages

INR 1139


The book covers molecular biology of the gene and genetic engineering. It is an endeavor to expose students to the actual experiments that have revealed the science of gene and the development of its engineering. The book provides comprehensive details and chronological evolution of the structure of gene, its replication and expression, and genetic engineering based on significant discoveries made by the scientists. It is a comprehensive source of information to both students and instructors.

Part I. Gene, its replication and its expression

1 Concept of a gene

2 DNA as the genetic material

3 Constituents of nucleic acids

4 Structure of DNA

5 Characteristics of DNA

6 Chromatin and its structure

7 Chromatin remodelling

8 Classic experiments on DNA replication in vivo

9 DNA polymerases

10 Mechanics of DNA replication

11 RNA, its transcription and processing

12 How transcription of genes is switched on and off

13 Structure and replication of RNA

14 Translation of mRNA into protein: Classic and recent experiments

15 Translation regulation of gene expression and human diseases

16 Non-coding RNA


Part II. Engineering of Gene

17 Cloning of gene: How it all began

18 Reaction of the scientific community after successful cloning of a gene

19 Genetic engineering guidelines

20 Tools used in genetic engineering

21 General strategies for expression of introduced genes in a foreign host

22 Gram-negative bacterium Escherichia coli as host for recombinant DNA

23 Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis as host for recombinant DNA

24 Streptomyces as host for recombinant DNA

25 Yeast Pichia pastoris as host for recombinant DNA

26 Insect cells as host for recombinant DNA

27 Animal cells as host for recombinant DNA

28 Plants as host for recombinant DNA

29 Chemical and enzymatic characterization of a cloned DNA fragment

30 Reverse transcription and cDNA cloning

31 Nucleic acid amplification and its applications

32 Alternative strategies of gene cloning

33 Site-directed In Vitro mutagenesis and protein engineering

34 Processing of recombinant proteins

35 Techniques for the study of regulation of a cloned gene

36 Transgenic and gene knockout technologies

37 Gene therapy


Colour plates


Appendix I

Appendix II



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