An Introduction to Biotechnology

Rup Lal

ISBN: 9789389795936

INR 385


An Introduction to Biotechnology: A Genetic Manipulation Perspective contains practical exercises, and has a comprehensive coverage on the subjects of biotechnology and gene manipulation for the students’ understanding of the basic concepts. This manual contains, in particular, the techniques, protocols and practical approaches that are being used routinely in molecular biology laboratories. This book is assembled together with an aim to enlighten the readers with the complex molecular biology protocols in a simple and straightforward manner.

  • Introduction to Biotechnology
  • Introduction to Gene Manipulation
  • Preparation of Media and Chemicals
  • Growth and Maintenance of Culture
  • Isolation of Genomic DNA
  • Isolation of Plasmid DNA
  • Isolation of RNA
  • Visualization of Nucleic Acids and Proteins
  • Whole Cell Protein Isolation and SDS Page
  • Quantification of DNA
  • Primer Designing
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  • Restriction Digestion
  • Purification of DNA from an Agarose Gel
  • Ligation
  • Transformation
  • Cloning and Cloning Vectors
  • DNA Blot Hybridization
  • DNA Sequencing



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