Textbook of Environmental Biotechnology

Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra

ISBN: 9789389633054

INR 495


Environmental Biotechnology was conceived after scanning the available literature in the area, which indicated that references in the subject are scanty and highly sporadic. This book provides comprehensive information on the different aspects of environmental biotechnology and also discusses the processes and new technologies dealing with pollutants, degradation and resource recovery. It has been designed to serve as a good study material for the students and researchers in the field. At the end of the book there is an exhaustive reference section to guide the readers for additional reading.


  • Issues and scopes of environmental biotechnology
  • Management and remediation of problem soils
  • Bioaccumulation of toxicants
  • Biological treatment of wastewater
  • Treatment of wastewater from food processing industries
  • Biotechnological approaches to microalgal culture
  • Biodegradation of organic pollutants
  • Biotechnology for solid waste management
  • Biodegradation of pesticides in the environment
  • Microbial transformation of heavy metals
  • Bioleaching and biomining for recovery of resources
  • Microbial transformation of pesticides
  • Aquatic bioassay for analysis of pollutants in surface water
  • Environmental impact of pollutants and analysis of dose-effect Relationship
  • Management of biological diversity and ecosystem restoration
  • Biotechnology in biodiversity conservation
  • Modeling of bioreactors
  • Biopesticides and integrated pest management


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