Biology of Indian Morels

T.N. Lakhanpal, Onkar Shad, Monika Rana

ISBN: 9789390078295

266 pages

INR 1395


The morels is one of the most delicious and costliest wild edible mushrooms of the world. During the last century significant advances have been made in the study of morel biology with the sole aim of artificial cultivation. But all efforts to domesticate them have not been wholly fruitful. The book is an attempt to compile all the relevant information on morel biology so that more interest in morel research is stimulated ultimately paving the way for cultivation. The monograph contains 14 chapters; each chapter is devoted to and provides original information and observations on various aspects of morel biology.

  • Biology of Morels: An Overview
  • The Life Cycle Pattern
  • Systematic Treatment of Morels – I
  • Systematic Treatment of Morels – II: Genotypic Polymorphism and Diversity
  • Ecological Aspects
  • Physiological Aspects of Morels
  • Nutritive Composition
  • Nutraceutical Potential
  • Rhizomorphosphere Relationships
  • Ethnomycological Aspects
  • Sociobiological Aspects
  • Mycorrhizal Association of Morels
  • Cytology of Ascus Development in Morels
  • Culinary Aspects of Morels
  • Annexures
  • References
  • Index



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