Intermediates for Organic Synthesis

V.K. Ahluwalia, Pooja Bhagat, Renu Aggarwal, Ramesh Chandra

ISBN: 9789389795516

INR 495


The intermediates described in this book include different types of phenols, aldehydes, carboxylic acids and ketones (acetophenones, w-substituted acetophenones, propiophenones, butyrophenones, benzophenones, phenyl ketones and some miscellaneous ketones). The preparation of heterocyclic compounds (O-containing, S-containing, N-containing, N & S-containing) is also described. The synthesis of certain miscellaneous compounds of the type benzyl cyanides, bb-ketoesters, chalcones, naphthaquinones, benzoquinones, stilbene and certain catalysts and reagents required for organic synthesis are also described.