Biometrics: Identity Verification in a Networked World

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Author : Samir Nanavati, Michael Thieme, Raj Nanavati
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This is the first book to give the lay person an overview of available biometric technologies, and discuss key issues for a successful deployment. This textbook covers Biometric technologies: Finger-scan, iris-scan, facial-scan, voice-scan, signature-scan, hand-scan, and other biometrics; Areas of industry use, current and future; Building a business case for biometrics and Privacy concerns.





Part I: Biometric Fundamentals

· Why Biometrics?

· Key Biometric Terms and Processes

· Accuracy in Biometric Systems

Part II: Leading Biometric Technologies: What You Need to Know

· Finger-Scan

· Facial-Scan

· Iris-Scan

· Voice-Scan

· Other Physiological Biometrics

· Other Leading Behavioral Biometrics


Part III: Biometric Applications and Markets

· Categorizing Biometric Applications

· Citizen-Facing Applications

· Employee-Facing Applications

· Customer-Facing Applications

· Biometric Vertical Markets


Part IV: Privacy and Standards in Biometric System Design

· Assessing the Privacy Risks of Biometrics

· Designing Privacy-Sympathetic Biometric Systems

· Biometric Standards



Samir Nanavati is a founding partner of International Biometric Group, LLC, a biometric consulting and integration firm cofounded in 1996. Mr. Nanavati is cited frequently by several leading publications such as U.S. News & World Report, the New York Times, and The Industry Standard. He is also the author of fourteen analyses on the state of the biometric industry.


Michael Thieme is a Senior Consultant with International Biometric Group. He has written extensively on a variety of biometric topics including IT security, deployment issues, and privacy. Mr. Thieme served on the Biometric Interoperability Subcommittee of the GSA Smart Access project and is also a member of the ANSI NIST B10.8 Biometric Subcommittee as well as a founder of the BioPrivacy Initiative.


Raj Nanavati is a cofounding partner at International Biometric Group, LLC. He lectures extensively on the technical, business, and policy issues associated with using biometrics. He has been quoted extensively in major media publications, including the New York Times, and has been featured on National Public Radio. He has also submitted testimony on biometrics to Congress.


· CIOs

· CTOs

· IT Managers

· Security Directors

· Technical staff who work with biometrics on a daily basis (network administrators, programmers)

· Sales, marketing, and customer service staff at companies that sell biometric products


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