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Biometrics: Identity Verification in a Networked World

Samir Nanavati

ISBN: 9788126502738

INR 429


This is the first book to give the lay person an overview of available biometric technologies, and discuss key issues for a successful deployment. This textbook covers Biometric technologies: Finger-scan, iris-scan, facial-scan, voice-scan, signature-scan, hand-scan, and other biometrics; Areas of industry use, current and future; Building a business case for biometrics and Privacy concerns.





Part I: Biometric Fundamentals

· Why Biometrics?

· Key Biometric Terms and Processes

· Accuracy in Biometric Systems

Part II: Leading Biometric Technologies: What You Need to Know

· Finger-Scan

· Facial-Scan

· Iris-Scan

· Voice-Scan

· Other Physiological Biometrics

· Other Leading Behavioral Biometrics


Part III: Biometric Applications and Markets

· Categorizing Biometric Applications

· Citizen-Facing Applications

· Employee-Facing Applications

· Customer-Facing Applications

· Biometric Vertical Markets


Part IV: Privacy and Standards in Biometric System Design

· Assessing the Privacy Risks of Biometrics

· Designing Privacy-Sympathetic Biometric Systems

· Biometric Standards