Biostatistics: Basic Concepts and Methodology for the Health Sciences, 10ed, ISV

Wayne W. Daniel, Chad L. Cross

ISBN: 9788126551897

954 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 969


This Tenth Edition of Biostatistics maintains its predecessors’ comprehensive approach to Biostatistics as it is used in the biological sciences. Successfully utilized by both statisticians and practitioners, Biostatistics is an algebra-based text geared towards the advanced undergraduate and graduate student. This new edition has been revised to more closely align with the modern practice of biostatics, teaching methods and technologies.


· Getting Acquainted with Biostatistics

· Strategies for Understanding the Meanings of Data

· Probability: The Basis of Statistical Inference

· Probabilistic Features of Certain Data Distributions

· Probabilistic Features of the Distributions of Certain Sample Statistics

· Using Sample Data to Make Estimates About Population Parameters

· Using Sample Statistics to Test Hypotheses About Population Parameters

· Statistical Inference and the Analysis of Data Variability

· Statistical Inference and the Relationship Between Two Variables

· Statistical Inference and the Relationships Among Three or More Variables

· Additional Techniques for the Analysis of Relationships Among Variables

· Analysis of Frequency Data: An Introduction to the Chi-Square Distribution

· Special Techniques for Use When Population Parameters and/or Population Distributions are Unknown

· Survival Analysis

· Vital Statistics Online Only


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