FICCI and API Co-Organize a Seminar

FICCI and API Co-Organize a Seminar on the ‘Role of Publishing in Enhancing Research in India’

The API and FICCI collaborated to bring together the event held on 15th Jan, 2016. Mr. Gupta served as the moderator for the session on: ‘Challenges in Research Funding: Effect on Research Output and its Publication.’ He opened the floor with an overview of the current scenario of research publication in India, including the key research centers in India; and a comparison of India’s scholarly output and patents filed with China. He also touched upon the Indian government plan to connect academic institutes together, and spoke briefly on the open access policy and cutback in research funds for libraries. 

The seminar highlighted key issues, such as the contribution of the publishing industry to the research output, and how the industry could play the catalyst in enabling the academia and researcher communities contribute to innovation.

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