A Unique Feature Of The CAT Varc Book



The 'integrated approach' is a unique feature of this book. The idea is to work on all areas concurrently so that the concepts in one area reinforce those in the other, and are assimilated in an integrated manner.


A language as a medium of communication works in an integrated way. Words and phrases combine to form clauses; clauses connect ideas logically together in sentences; sentences combine to form paragraphs; and paragraphs combine to form coherent passages. All the building blocks combine in an integrated way to express “meaning”.


To understand precisely what it means to be proficient in language skills, the 5-F Framework given below has been devised by delineating the five main areas of proficiency.

  1. FELICITY with words: It is the capacity for appropriate expression. It is the ability to choose the right word in the given context.
  2. FAMILIARITY with the natural flow of the English idiom: It is an understanding of grammar as a vehicle for meaning.
  3. FACULTY for verbal reasoning: It is your innate or inherent ability of reasoning with ideas expressed in verbal form—in other words, your verbal intelligence.
  4. FACILITY for reading comprehension: It is an acquired effortless aptitude for precise understanding of what the author intends to say.
  5. FLUENCY in the clear and logical composition of texts: It is the ability to write with clarity, conciseness and logical consistency.


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