Agile Scrum: Improving Practices for Business Gains - Uniqueness of the Book

Agile Scrum: Improving Practices for Business Gains is written with an objective to elaborate extensively on the scrum practices to make them effective in operations for demonstrating the business value.

The uniqueness of this book lies in learning on how to make scrum successful in operations!

This is based on “Shu Ha Ri” concept in scrum. 

“Shu Ha Ri” is a Japanese martial art concept of “learning” the art and moving toward “mastering” it in different stages. The martial art learning concept advocates learning the rules first — follow the rules. Then master the skills to become proficient and then on the basis of your learning experience, you may tweak the rules to suit your strengths and weaknesses. Finally, you make your “own” rules by becoming a highly performing player. 

“Shu Ha Ri” concept is progressive in nature in deploying the practices and is using the “empirical nature” of scrum framework for continuous improvement by learning from our deployment experience. Every business must evolve its own methods and practices within the boundaries of the scrum framework depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the teams by following the “Shu Ha Ri” approach that has been elucidated well in the book.

Adopting to the agile mode of scrum and then transforming to comply with the practices, followed by consistent deployment and learning from the practices depending on what works well for the teams and driving towards performance to demonstrate business gains, is the path that the book narrates for the scrum practitioners using “Shu Ha Ri” approach. 

This is the uniqueness of the book.

This uniqueness shall help all the readers to make their scrum deployment project successful in achieving business value!



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