Authorship Development Roadshow 2013

Wiley India conducted three author development roadshows at IIT Madras, IISc Banaglore and General Electric (John F Welch Technology Centre) Bangalore from 23rd to 25th Jan 2013. The idea was to present before the esteemed faculty all the publishing avenues available with Wiley globally to meet their publishing needs in Physical Sciences. The effort was spearheaded by our senior global colleagues, Dr. Ernest Kirkwood, VP & Publishing, Director Physical Sciences & Engineering, Wiley UK, Mr. Mark Hammond, Editorial Director (Books), Physical Sciences & Engineering, Wiley UK, Dr. Ray Boucher, Editorial Director (Journals), Physical Sciences & Engineering, Wiley UK and Mr. Paras Bansal, Publisher, Wiley India.

Authorship Development Roadshow at IIT Madras, IISc & GE Bangalore, held from 23rd - 25th January, 2013

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The discussions were focused on:

 1. Why publish? How to choose your journal wisely?

2. How and whom to approach in Wiley for publishing your manuscript?

3. How to write a manuscript that sells?

4. Publication ethics: What are the rights and responsibilities of authors, editors, reviewers and readers?

The objective was to enable the participants to gain knowledge and skills in academic and scholarly publishing, to facilitate the participants’ understanding in the publishing processes therefore increasing their chances of getting published in international publications.

The roadshows were well attended by faculty, researchers, employees and scholars at all the three venues.

Speaker Profiles


 Dr. Ernest Kirkwood - Chichester, United Kingdom
 VP & Publishing Director
 Physical Sciences & Engineering, Wiley UK

Having gained his PhD in Quantum Chemistry, Ernest started his publishing career at Cambridge University Press before joining Wiley in 1988. He now leads the  Physical Sciences & Engineering Group in the United Kingdom and the Wiley-VCH Physical Sciences Books & References Group in Germany. His publishing e  experience covers journals, books, encyclopaedias, magazines and other media across a wide portfolio of disciplines, including chemistry, materials science,    physics, electronic & electrical engineering, and probability & statistics.

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 Mr. Mark Hammond - Chichester, United Kingdom
 Editorial Director (Books)
 Physical Sciences & Engineering, Wiley UK

A graduate of Southampton University, UK, Mark joined Wiley in 1997 with 12 years’ editorial book and journal management experience gained at Taylor & Francis and  Chapman & Hall. He is responsible for the engineering books programme which publishes a full range of books and electronic products in Electrical and Electronic    Engineering, Telecommunications and Mechanical Engineering.

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 Dr. Ray Boucher - Chichester, United Kingdom
 Editorial Director (Journals)
 Physical Sciences & Engineering, Wiley UK

Ray joined Wiley in 1998, with a background in the physical sciences, including a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Bath, UK, several years of post-d  doctoral research work, and hands-on editorial management of scholarly journals with Thieme in Germany. He is responsible for journal management and strategic  journal development across a wide portfolio of journals in physical sciences and engineering, which includes a number of society titles. He is currently a Director of  the InChI Trust and an IUPAC Fellow.

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