How to score more in Mathematics in JEE?

Mathematics is seen to be one of the challenging subjects at the +2 level. A large number of students struggle with the intricacies of this subject. However, with a little bit of hard work iced with smart work and a receptive brain, you can surely score well in Mathematics.

Develop fundamentals well

Never approach a mathematical problem directly with a formula. Try to hit it with the very basics you’ve learnt. The definitions that most of us tend to ignore form the very fundamentals of a subject. Mathematics isn’t about formulae. It’s about applying correct definition to a given mathematical instance of a problem to ultimately arrive at a formula that helps to solve the problem.

Practice a lot

Like other subjects, Mathematics needs practice. If you are weak at it, you need to put in more time and keep your patience. It is very common to make silly mathematical errors due to time pressure of the exam and lose marks and hence the rank. And so, it all ultimately boils down to practice.

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Learn to write properly

Some students try to solve problems mentally, not writing the key steps. This often creates problems. Making calculations in mind is fine so long you are good at them. Do not multiply numbers in your head if you are weak at remembering tables. It will barely take a few seconds to cross check by actual multiplication – do it!

Make sure to write the steps clearly so that you can quickly back track the solution to check the correctness.

Improve writing speed

The competitive examinations check your speed as well. You must learn to write faster in a given time so as to meet the time constraints of the examination. At the same time, you must practice enough to avoid silly errors.

Solve problems from multiple sources

Keep a handful of books for theory, because each one will teach you almost the same concept. The definition of a derivative will be same in all the books. No use wasting time reading theory from several books.

Pick up multiple sources to practice problem. The more experience you have, the easier will you be able to correlate a new problem to something you have already seen. It is not uncommon in competitive examinations to repeat similar problems. So make sure you practice past year papers properly.

Practice harder problems

Always practice problems which are slightly harder than what you are comfortable with. This is how you learn. This is how you struggle and in the process of struggling, you will surely get to learn newer and better concepts.

To summarize, mathematics is all about testing your analytical skills – your ability to understand the problem, think and apply the tools you’ve learnt to solve the problem.

Practice is the key to score more in Mathematics. It will not only give you exposure, but also improve your speed and hit rate.

We hope that this article will help you score better.

All the best!

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