How to Score More in Physics?

 How to Score More in Physics?


Physics is generally known to be the most scoring subject in JEE and related competitive examinations. However, due to lack of understanding, some students are not able to perform up to their potential. In this article, we will be discussing some techniques that will help you to maximize your score in Physics.


  • Read ample of theory - This is very important. You must be familiar with the concepts taught in the chapter otherwise there is no use of solving problems because you are likely to have a hard time solving the problems without knowing the required concepts. You should read theory once, twice, thrice, as many times until you get a feel of the topic. Physics requires a lot of intuition and this intuition will develop only when you have a feel of the topic. <A Physics book by Wiley> is an excellent book for theory for various competitive examinations. It will help you understand the subject in great detail, which will ultimately lead to an improvement in your score in Physics.

  • Spend time memorizing the standard results - You should definitely remember not only the standard theorems and results, but also the standard formulae involved in various chapters. For instance, you should definitely remember the formulae of electric/magnetic/gravitational field by various types of objects, especially those which are mentioned in NCERT textbooks. Also make sure that if the required formula involves a vector quantity, then you know the direction as well. Remember - in JEE, they expect you to know various standard results and the papers are designed accordingly.

  • Make notes - making notes definitely helps. Studies show that humans are less likely to forget those things which they actually write down on paper. Moreover, a lot of minute details of the topic get revealed when you write down the things yourself. This way, you not only learn and understand the topic, but also various formulae start settling in your memory and this ultimately helps you on the exam day when you are actually required to apply the formulae.

  • Get doubts cleared - Discuss your doubts with teachers, friends and seniors and get them cleared as soon as possible. Do not worry if you are getting a large number of doubts. In fact, this shows that you are actually learning to think.

  • Solve a large number of problems from different sources - You should solve problems from different sources because ultimately in any competitive exam, you will be solving problems. You should solve problems of slightly higher difficulty level than you are comfortable with, because this is how you learn to think critically and beyond the box. Also, solve problems of varying types and varying difficulty levels. Do not restrict yourself to a specific pattern. Your study methodology should be pattern proof. Do not ignore subjective problems - they teach a lot of concepts which may get unnoticed when framed as an objective problem.


We hope that having read this article, you will be able to perform well not only in Physics, but your overall performance will improve.


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