Inauguration of Wiley CSR Project - Swayam

Wiley CSR Project - Swayam

Wiley India has partnered with Jagriti, a non-governmental organization (NGO), to set up a skill development training centre in Kali Basti, one of the largest slums in Uttam Nagar, west Delhi. Nearly 1500 families reside in the slum including 400 women and youth living without any exposure to employment opportunity and practical education.


Named, Swayam, this project aims at imparting practical education and empowering the youth, women and children in the area by primarily focusing on skill development trainings. The programs will also provide basic literacy, life skills and awareness camps. Swayam is a much-awaited program for the slum, it has been designed keeping in mind the employment opportunities available in surrounding areas as well as to match the expectations and needs of people residing in Kali Basti.


The project was officially launched on 20th September 2017. “I strongly believe in the quote on education made by Nelson Mandela – We all know that education, more than anything else, improves our chances of building better lives”, mentioned Vikas Gupta, MD Wiley, India while inaugurating the project along with Wiley team and the local participants. Swayam is currently focused on mobile repair training for youth, grooming and personality development classes for women and computer training for all batches. These training sessions will be conducted through several batches that will run throughout the day to align with the work and school schedule of the enrolled candidates. The centre would train more than 250 people in various skills annually. Wiley will also provide free toolkits after the training to enable the candidates in setting up their own small businesses


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