Making Chemistry a Strong Subject for JEE Main & Advanced

Not only your analytical skills are checked in JEE, but also your comprehension and memorization skills are evaluated. A good engineering student has to have all the above mentioned skills to be a successful engineer. The first skill is largely tested by mathematics and physics. However, the latter 2 are mainly tested in the form of chemistry.

Organic chemistry problems test your comprehension ability and inorganic chemistry problems test your memory and the ability to retain facts and make useful conclusions with your knowledge.


how to make chemistry stronger

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Students face problems with chemistry not because they aren’t hard working, but because they do not use the right strategy to learn the subject. Most students tend to believe that chemistry is all about rote learning and so, they should do it at the end. But, the end never comes and hence, they face a dip in JEE rank.

In this blog, we will try to discuss about some guidelines that will help you to make your chemistry stronger

  • Read: Read a lot. Read from several different sources. Make sure to read from at least 2 different books. This will help you to develop a right set of facts which is very important for progress in any subject and not just chemistry. Also, reading more and more helps you to improve your reading speed which is important for the JEE day. Reading is especially important when it comes to inorganic chemistry.

  • Making Notes: Make your own notes. Psychology says that humans tend to remember things they actually write on paper. It is easy to fool yourself by thinking you will remember it. It is always wiser to write the facts in a separate well maintained notebook. You should also mentioned important points at the top of the page so that they appear separately and you can glance through all of them the night before the exam to make sure you remember them.

  • Revise: Revise regularly. Make sure to revise your self-made note book periodically. This will help you to avoid forgetting the facts and figures. This also helps you to understand things better because over time, things will get fixed in your brain.

  • Practice: This is the most important steps. Solving problems helps you to evaluate yourself. Solve a number of problems of physical and organic chemistry especially. This will help you to improve your speed and accuracy as well. Moreover, your confidence will improve. It is very likely that you will find a somewhat similar problem in the exam and so, that will save your time.

It is important to work smart besides working hard. Try saving your time by using it optimally. For instance, read more books for inorganic chemistry, solve more problems for physical chemistry and keep organic chemistry balanced between reading and solving problems.

Do not fool yourself by believing that you know something when you actually don’t know. Read, understand and solve problems.

We hope that the article helped you.


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Aman Goel IIT B2 Aman Goel is B.Tech, computer science and engineering undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Born in a business oriented family of Kanpur he secured an All India Rank 33 in JEE advanced 2013 and also scored 323/360 in JEE main 2013. He has also cleared Indian National Physics and Chemistry Olympiads, and KVPY. In his free time, he likes to write articles related to JEE preparation. He loves speedcubing (the art of speed solving a Rubik's cube) and also loves to play computer/mobile games.


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