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Empowering Research: Scholarly publishing workshops in India at ISB, IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C

Mohit Pabby Senior Marketing Manager, Wiley India What will increase a researcher’s chance of getting published? For starters, a keen understanding of the publishing and peer review process is necessary. To provide researchers with this knowledge, Wiley hosted a series of workshops at key management institutes across India in November: q Indian School of Business, Hyderabad q Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta q Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad q Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore At the workshops, Professor Will Mitchell, Co-Editor of the Strategic Management Journal, gave insight into the types of academic publications available, the processes involved in getting their work published, and the expectations from editors of leading journals. iim-calcutta Professor Mitchell presenting at IIM Calcutta The author workshops aimed to build bridges between the business schools’ scholars and leading international journals. “Each of the schools has many active scholars who are engaging in global research communities and conversations. The workshops helped reinforce the value of research that scholars in India are undertaking and, in turn, helped build links to opportunities to publish the research globally,” said Professor Mitchell. “We’re committed to helping Indian researchers and academics publish their research in global journals and understand the global best practices for publishing their research. These workshops will help in putting Indian research at the forefront of global academic and scientific communities,” said Vikas Gupta (Managing Director, Wiley India). Two-way learning Participants, including faculty members, research scholars and students, found the session helpful, with many expressing appreciation to the Wiley team. “The topics Professor Mitchell covered from shaping one’s articles to writing the first paragraph gave valuable insight into how publishers and reviewers look at our writing. For research scholars like us, who are starting our careers, these little tips make a difference,” said Ashish Kumar Jha, Doctoral Program Representative – Student Council, IIM Calcutta. “The workshop was very insightful. Especially as Indian scholars, we do not get sufficient guidance on how to go about writing publish-worthy papers. The workshop gave a realistic yet encouraging view of the process,” said Supriya Sharma, FPM Student, IIM Bangalore. But it wasn’t just the participants who benefited from the workshops. Through engaging the scientific authors, we learned more about them and their requirements. Caroline McCarley (Associate Publisher), who presented on publishing with Wiley said, “The workshops provided a rich learning environment that helps us understand better the evolving research needs of our authors and gives insight into how we can work together to enable knowledge and progress in the volatile journals publishing world.” For more photographs and testimonials click here.