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Wiley Participates in IIIT, Gwalior Fest- Infotsav 2016

Wiley Participates in IIIT, Gwalior Fest- Infotsav 2016


Wiley participated in the Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management annual techno-managerial fest- Infotsav 2016 on 12th and 13th Nov 2016 at the IIIT campus in Gwalior. The event invited participation from students and faculty from various universities, and was centered on the theme of ‘Nurturing Novelty.’ There were a number of events organized during the fest, including technical and managerial competitions, online contests, gaming-related activities, quizzes and more, which invited active participation and enthusiasm from students.


Wiley showcased our Wiley IT Certifications portfolio at the event through a stall presence, along with giving away sponsorships in the form of access to its IT certification courses and books to winners from various events held during the function. We also had a chance to interact with student and faculty and brief them about our portfolio through a PPT delivered during one of the key technical events.