Wiley association with PSG College of Technology

Wiley is associating with PSG College of Technology : Coimbatore Centre For Audio Visual Speech Recognition (PSG-CAVSR) for Industry Conclave and Hands on Workshop on Deep Learning, 09 - 10 August 2019


This Conclave will facilitate deep learning researchers, practitioners and business executives to

share their expertise and knowledge with participants. It will provide an interactive forum for discussion on recent and on-going developments, key issues and challenges and practices related to deep learning applications. Deep learning practitioners from leading firms have been invited to share their wisdom and insights. The objective of this conclave is to create a platform for deep and meaningful interaction between industry & academia in the area of deep learning.


The workshop will provide an understanding of basic Deep Learning architectures and establish the skills required to develop and use deep neural network models using the Open Source Tensor Flow platform. To enhance learning, hands on training is given to participants to get practical experience in deep learning. Free course materials and a certificate will be given to participants to support professional growth.

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