Wiley participated at the Cypher Analytics Summit 2015

Wiley participated at the Cypher Analytics Summit 2015 in Bengaluru, on 12th Sept. Mr Vikas Gupta, MD, Wiley India, who was part of the eminent speaker panel at the event, spoke about “Analytics Education in India.” He delved into the reasons behind the gap between college graduates and job-ready professionals: “Firstly, taking about the current academic scenario- maximum weightage is on knowledge-centric learning, and less emphasis is given to industry-relevant hard skills development…. Secondly, in the current academic scenario- be it in colleges or other training institutions, the Easy in-Easy Out assessment model is followed wherein everyone is passed and gets certified. This emphasis is not on a measurement or assessment of skills…. Thirdly, in the industry scenario, most jobs around data science are structured around basic tasks, such as data cleaning, scraping, structuring etc. These are not actual data science/scientist jobs.” He also spoke about how Wiley is working towards addressing these issues: “What Wiley is doing as a a 3rd party, neutral training, certification and assessment body is creating an ecosystem to address all these issues- we offer industry-relevant, real world hard skills development solutions, and provide that much needed outcome-oriented assessment barrier to break away from the easy-in easy-out model… Secondly, we’re trying to provide the linkages between industry and academia to provide hands-on learning environment and instill job-based skills…Thirdly, our courses are developed not just to teach a vendor-specific tool or technology, but to help individuals throughout their career arc and make them complete data scientists.” Cypher Cypher 2015
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