Wiley is the official knowledge partner of Atharv at IIM Indore

The celebration only grows BIGGER and BETTER with Atharv’18. This year’s theme, ‘Traverse the Boulevard' has been set to bring the vibrant and colourful range of street culture, delivered with an essence of scintillating enthusiasm.  Atharv has something for everyone. With a B-plan competition, a B-quiz (Pragnya), HR and marketing events (HeadhunteR and Vendition Vendetta). There’s more, a mock trading and finance event (Finopoly), a leadership event (Chaitanya), an oratorical competition that tests your ability to rationalize the most irrational situations (Devil’s Advocate), and to cater to your strategic expertise (E-Conjecture), that instigates you to use core economic principles in real life situations.


And if that wasn’t enough, Atharv has other grand mega flagship Events - The Inter Varsity (IIM Indore IV), The PI-Quiz, a hunt for the unconventional genius exclusively for students from class IX to XII.. & open events like Vignette and iSO.


Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the three-day mega event 7-  9 September 2018


Visit www.atharvthefest.in  for more details

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