Wiley Organized Exam Goalpost Dealer's Meet Kolkata

Wiley Organized Exam Goalpost Dealer's Meet, Kolkata

Wiley had organized a ‘Dealers Meet’ on 3rd Oct, 2016 at Kenilworth Hotel, Kolkata. The event had provided an excellent opportunity for distributors to learn more about Wiley’s Exam Goalpost Test prep series for key government jobs preparation.

Exam Goalpost is Wiley’s Test Prep series for the various vacancy exams conducted by the Government of India. Exam Goalpost has a series of books for competitive exams in most categories such as Banking, Teaching, and SSC. There are more than 30 books already available and the number of books and categories is continuously growing. These books are based on updated syllabus as per latest Government notifications and contain comprehensive coverage of core concepts and exhaustive practice sets.

Keeping in view the learners’ specific requirements, the books are customized as:

   ---> Comprehensive concept books for detailed study (Big Book)

   ---> Smart time-saving books focused on strategies and quick tips (Test Cracker)

   ---> Detailed question banks for exhaustive practice (Solved Papers and Mock Tests)

   ---> Subject-specific books for detailed understanding of each subject area

A key highlight of the Exam Goalpost series is its exclusive industry-first features:

   ---> QR codes based free ‘expert speak’ videos

   ---> Free access to the Wiley Test Prep app

   ---> Detailed answer explanations, not just the answer keys

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