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Wiley India, the Indian subsidiary of John Wiley and Sons  Inc., has joined hands with India's online education pioneer TCYonline.com to share its core content on the online testing platform. The sharing agreement has simultaneously provided Wiley with access to TCYonline's database of half a million users added every year. With TCY's extensive outreach and Wiley's unparalleled content, this synergy will enable the students to have the best of both worlds - expertise of established Wiley authors is delivered to them through TCY’s technology-driven and Analytics-powered platform. The aim is to serve high quality and high-relevance digital education products that make learning personalized and plug the gap in a student’s conceptual proficiency. TCY Analytics, a tool that provides an in-depth evaluation to every user, will be used by both the partners as a real-time feedback mechanism to calibrate services.  

Rajesh Wadhera, Director TCY, is enthused about the partnership and expects it to open new vistas before the students for their integrated, adaptive learning. “It’s revolutionary. Students can access top quality content and assessments developed by Wiley authors of national and international repute at reasonable prices, for the first time in India. What is even better, they have the flexibility to use this content as and when they have time, getting simulated exam environment at the convenience of their homes. The atomic level analysis, both self and comparative, for every test they attempt, enables them to know where they stand nation-wise, and helps identify their strong and weak areas for remedial action.” 

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Commenting on this association, Vikas Gupta, Managing Director, Wiley India said “We are excited to partner with TCY Online to develop these best-in-class online assessment products, at reasonable prices. This is an important initiative in our mission to offer quality learning and testing products at affordable price points to Indian students. These test prep products being launched on the TCYonline platform offer unmatched ease of use bundled with comprehensive analysis of performance. We are confident that the students using these products will benefit immensely by this combination of world class content with technology.  

More about TCYonline:

TCYonline caters to half a million users each year with 120+ exam categories including national and global admission tests as well as job-related recruitment exams.  TCY also has 13,000+ classroom students, 100+ coaching centers (running on TCYonline) and 5000+ home-based science, math tutors (running online testing and real-time remedial solutions on TCY K-12 School programme). It has a panel of 13,000 active authors to develop instructor-driven content for its platform. It has harnessed the domain expertise of the ones that were never authors, by making the platform available to concept-wise specialists. These authors - not one of whom is on its rolls - have the flexibility to work at their convenient time and place (home). The transparent system provides them with an upfront payment and lifelong royalty. 

More about Wiley:

Wiley India is the Indian subsidiary of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., a leading global publisher. Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, has been a valued source of information, having published the works of more than 460 Nobel Laureates.  Wiley India serves undergraduates and graduates preparing for various entrance tests, including engineering, medical, GATE, GMAT, CAT etc. through a plethora of best-in-class digital and print solutions. For more information, visit www.wileyindia.com

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