Bookkeeping for Dummies

Lita Epstein

ISBN: 9788126509225

378 pages

Exclusively distributed by Goel Computer Hut 


Bookkeeping For Dummies includes information on keeping track of transactions, figuring out balance sheets, and keeping ledgers or journals.  It covers how to create financial statements and also shows how to operate accounts for businesses.  Small business owners and employees will find that Bookkeeping For Dummies also includes relevant, up-to-date tax information.  In addition, the book teaches how to recognize the assets and liabilities to the business.




Part I: Basic Bookkeeping: Why You Need It

· So You Want to Do the Books

· Getting Down to Bookkeeping Basics

· Outlining Your Financial Roadmap with a Chart of Accounts


Part II: Keeping a Paper Trail

· Ledgers: A One-Stop Summary of Your Business Transactions

· Keeping Journals

· Computer Options for Your Bookkeeping

· Controlling Your Books, Your Records, and Your Money


Part III: Tracking Day-to-Day Operations with Your Books

· Buying and Tracking Your Purchases

· Counting Your Sales

· Employee Payroll and Benefits

· Employer-Paid Taxes and Government Payroll Reporting


Part IV: Preparing the Books for Year’s (or Month’s) End

· Depreciating Your Assets

· Paying and Collecting Interest

· Proving Out the Cash

· Closing the Journals

· Checking Your Accuracy - By Trial and Hopefully No Error

· Adjusting the Books


Part V: Reporting Results and Starting Over

· Developing a Balance Sheet

· Producing an Income Statement

· Completing Year-End Payroll and Reports

· Satisfying the Tax Man

· Prepping the Books for a New Accounting Cycle


Part VI: The Part of Tens

· Top Ten Ways to Manage Your Business Cash with Your Books

· Top Ten Most Important Accounts for Any Bookkeeper


Appendix: Glossary




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