Boosting Self-Esteem for Dummies

Rhena Branch, Rob Willson

ISBN: 9788126533732

368 pages

Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books 

INR 349


This expert guide explains the psychology of self-esteem and how effects every aspect of our lives - from the way we function at work, conduct relationships, view our bodies, approach parenting and achieve social status.   Written by an expert author team, Rhena Branch and Rob Willson of The Priory Clinic, this book takes a psychological and therapeutic approach to the subject and explains the origins of self-esteem; what it is and how it works with us and against us, and offers practical techniques and solutions, including CBT techniques, to help readers rediscover their self-worth, set realistic goals, boost their self esteem and start living life to the full.

I Understanding Self Esteem

• Defining Terms - Self Acceptance vs Self Rating

• Exploring the Effects of Low Self Esteem

• Determining Domains and Clarifying Criteria of Self Worth

II Acknowledging that You're OK Right Now!

• Preventing the 'Part-Whole Error'

• Totalling More Than the Sum of Your Parts

• Becoming Relatively Comfortable in Your Own Skin

• Building a Better Body Image

• Spotlighting Personal Development

III Taking On New Techniques

• Learning the Language of Love

• Positively Rewriting History

• Seeing is Believing

IV Identifying the Interpersonal Impact of Low Self Esteem

• Dancing and Romancing

• Working with Others

V Living Like You Mean It!

• Honouring Commitments to Yourself

• Living According to Your Values

• Doling Out Self Discipline

VI Part VI Title

• Ten Hallmarks of People with Healthy Self Opinion

• Ten Helpful Habits for Honing Healthy Self Opinion

• Ten Potential Sources of Inspiration

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