Architectural Research Methods, 2ed

Linda Groat

ISBN: 9788126571949

480 pages

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INR 1999


This introductory guide for anyone wishing to conduct research on an aspect of the built environment comprehensively addresses the full range of research methods available. From a building component to a room, a building, a neighborhood, or an urban center, Architectural Research Methods employs real-life examples of how good research can be used, from project inception to completion. Completely revised throughout, this standard text on the topic looks at current trends and innovations in research, and discusses interdiscinary involvement with design/build, sustainability and policy, urban design, prodcut design, and product. systems. 



Part I The Domain of Architectural Research

Chapter 1 The Scope of This Book
Chapter 2 Does Design Equal Research?
Chapter 3 Systems of Inquiry and Standards of Research Quality
Chapter 4 What's Your Purpose? From Theory Building to Design Application
Chapter 5 What's Your Question? Literature Review and Research Design

Part II Seven Research Strategies

Chapter 6 Historical Research
Chapter 7 Qualitative Research
Chapter 8 Correlational Research
Chapter 9 Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research
Chapter 10 Simulation Research
Chapter 11 Logical Argumentation
Chapter 12 Case Studies and Combined Strategies

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