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Built to Grow: How to deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth

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Author : Royston Guest
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ISBN 13 : 9788126565849
Pages : 296
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A how-to guide to building high-performing organizations and creating sustainable business growth. Built to Grow takes the reader through their own business-coaching session showing why achieving greatness and growing your business isn't just a coincidence, but an act of purposeful design. The book journeys through each element of the Business Growth Transformation Framework; a provided blueprint for predictable, repeatable, sustainable business growth. Following seven guiding principles, this is a mature model 'living' in the world of PTI and many of their clients and will be brought to life with real-life examples and cases.


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Why Built to Grow?  

What Built to Grow Is Not  

How to Use Built to Grow  

The Added Benefit to You  


Chapter 1: The Fundamentals of Business Growth: Your AMR Strategy

  • The First BIG Idea  
  • Your AMR Strategy
  • Your Business Growth Formula: How the Numbers Work
  • The Profit Impact
  • AMR in Action
  • Developing Multiple Strategies
  • Become Really Curious


Chapter 2: Your Business Growth Transformation Framework® (BGTF)

  • Adopt a Success Modelling Approach
  • Your Business Growth Transformation Framework®
  • Your Recipe for Success
  • 7 Guiding Principles
  • Strategic Plan
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • High Performing Organization Model
  • Measures That Matter
  • Summary: Setting a Foundation of Great Habits


Chapter 3: Inspirational Leadership

  • Developing Your Leadership Culture
  • Why the Leader-Follower Structure is at Odds With Developing a Leadership Culture
  • The Solution: Leader-Leader
  • The Four Types of Leaders
  • Turning Your Organizational Design Upside Down
  • Developing Your Leadership Traits and Style


Chapter 4: Building a High Performing Organization

  • Vision / Purpose
  • Values / Behaviours
  • Strategic Plan
  • Disciplined Execution
  • Performance Culture


Chapter 5: Business Purpose, Aspirational Goals and Growth Strategy

  • The Power of Your WHY
  • Caution: Two Pitfalls to Avoid in Finding Your WHY
  • Life is Like a Boomerang
  • Translating Your Personal WHY into Your Business's WHY
  • Aligning Your Business's WHY With Your People's Personal WHY
  • What Business Are You Really in?
  • Your Goal Before You Move on


Chapter 6: Market Potential Strategy

  • Alignment of Your Aspirational Goals With the Market Potential
  • Defining the Size of Opportunity
  • Segmenting and Profiling the Opportunity
  • Why Consumers Buy and How the Competition Can Impact Your Market Potential
  • Market Potential and The Four Seasons Calendar'


Chapter 7: Compelling Value Proposition Strategy

  • What Customers Really Care About
  • Essentials of a Compelling Value Proposition
  • Introducing the Benefits Track
  • Zooming In and Zooming Out
  • When Technology Impacts Your Compelling Value Proposition
  • So, Are You Ready?
  • Market Research Through Your Customer Lens


Chapter 8: Customer Strategy

  • The Big Idea
  • The Experience Economy
  • The Digital Age is Transforming the Game
  • Making it Real for Your Business
  • Measures That Matter


Chapter 9: Marketing and Communications Strategy

  • The Purpose of Marketing and Communications
  • Interdependency with Your Other Strategies
  • Trends Shaping the Marketing Landscape
  • Defining the Brand
  • Writing Your Marketing and Communications Strategy
  • Turning Strategy into ACTION Through Your Marketing Plan
  • Measures That Matter


Chapter 10: Business Development and Sales Strategy

  • Internal Brand Positioning of Sales
  • Who's in Sales in Your Business?
  • A Scientific Approach
  • Sales Planning and Forecasting
  • Your Customer Classification Framework
  • Your Proposition Matrix -- Getting Customers to Buy More
  • Your Customer Contact Strategy
  • Your Sales Map
  • Your Sales Funnel
  • Summary: Selling Success


Chapter 11: People Strategy

  • Are People a Cost or an Investment in Your Business?
  • The BIG Idea: Creating Your Employee Value Proposition
  • Identifying Your People Gap
  • Building a Robust People Pipeline
  • Growing and Developing Your People
  • Retaining Your People


Chapter 12: Operational Excellence Strategy

  • Practice Makes Perfect . . . or Does it?
  • The Need for a Robust Operational Strategy
  • Applying the 7 Guiding Principles in Your Quest for Operational Excellence
  • Embracing Technology as a Competitive Advantage
  • Operational Improvement Never Stops


Chapter 13: Finance and Governance

  • Change Your Mindset . . . Change the Game
  • Keeping Score . . .
  • The Challenge
  • Measures That Matter
  • Your Three Most Important Financial Tools
  • Reality Check
  • The Exciting News
  • Funding Routes: The Upsides and Downsides


Chapter 14: Control the Controllable


Chapter 15: Your Journey to Mastery

  • Being Committed and in the Arena
  • A Never-Ending Pursuit of Personal Mastery




Royston Guest is CEO of PTI worldwide, a global consultancy and training organisation with a proven track record in delivering business growth, people transformation and peak performance. The PTI trainer / consultant team is face to face with between 15,000 and 20,000 people each year across their entire training propositions. They have a database of 54,000 contacts and a fortnightly eZine which covers business topics and has 15,239 subscribers.

Primary Market: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Leaders who are serious about growing their business to the ranks of greatness

Secondary Market: The authors own client base of managers, executives and business owners focused on business growth.


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