Enhancing Global Competitiveness: Advantage India

A.N. Sarkar

ISBN: 9789390455973

424 pages

INR 795


In terms of overall orientation, this book has been so conceived and structured that it has followed a certain natural corollary and logical framework in comparing Indian economy with the Asian and the global economy in respect to the sectors wherein India is perceived to play a leadership role—both in the regional and the global context. Secondly, an attempt has also been made to identify areas, where, India, despite possessing a huge potential, could not so far convincingly demonstrate its competitive advantage to compete globally.

  • Introduction
  • Global Economy and Global Competitiveness
  • Global Competitiveness in Regional & National Context
  • Global Competitiveness: Advantage India
  • Indian Economic, Industrial and Foreign Trade Policies Fostering Global Competitiveness
  • Sectoral Investment Opportunities in India for Achieving Global Competitiveness
  • Index



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