Facebook Marketing for Dummies, 2ed


Part I: Adding Facebook to Your Marketing Strategy.

• Marketing the Facebook Way.

• Focusing on Facebook Features.

• Developing a Facebook Marketing Plan.

Part II: Building Your Facebook Presence.

• Creating a Page for Your Business.

• Implementing a Content Strategy.

• Building Your Fan Base.

• Setting Up Groups, Promotions, and Events.

• Cross-Promoting Your Page.

• Measuring Your Page Activity.

Part III: Engaging in Facebook Advertising.

• Checking Out Advertising Options and Strategies.

• Measuring and Optimizing Ad Activity.

Part IV: Riding the Facebook Viral Wave.

• Dressing Up Your Facebook Page with Applications.

• Getting the Scoop on Facebook Places and Deals.

• Liking Facebook's Like Button.

• Plugging into Other Plug-Ins.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

• Ten Business Etiquette Tips for Facebook.

• Ten Must-Have Facebook Applications for Your Page.

Appendix: The Facebook Primer.