Fanatical Prospecting

Jeb Blount

ISBN: 9788126560059

304 pages

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Most salespeople and sales leaders who marvel at the consistent year in and year out performance of sales superstars are blind to the real reason for their success. Unwilling to accept that the foundational root of all success in sales is a fanatical focus on prospecting, they waste time tilting at windmills on their quixotic pursuit of fads, silver bullets and secret formulas they believe will deliver them into arms of success with little effort. Superstars are aware that failure in sales is not caused by a deficit of talent, skills, or training. Not a poor territory or inferior product. Not sub-par communication and presentation skills.


Foreword Mike Weinberg

Special Note Free Prospecting Resources

Chapter 1 The Case for Prospecting

Chapter 2 Seven Mindsets of Fanatical Prospectors

Chapter 3 To Cold Call or Not to Cold Call?

Chapter 4 Adopt a Balanced Prospecting Methodology

Chapter 5 The More You Prospect, the Luckier You Get

Chapter 6 Know Your Numbers: Managing Your Ratios

Chapter 7 The Three Ps That Are Holding You Back

Chapter 8 Time: The Great Equalizer of Sales

Chapter 9 The Four Objectives of Prospecting

Chapter 10 Leveraging the Prospecting Pyramid

Chapter 11 Own Your Database: Why the CRM Is Your Most Important Sales Tool

Chapter 12 The Law of Familiarity

Chapter 13 Social Selling

Chapter 14 Message Matters

Chapter 15 Telephone Prospecting Excellence

Chapter 16 Turning Around RBOs: Reflex Responses, Brush-Offs and Objections

Chapter 17 The Secret Lives of Gatekeepers

Chapter 18 In-Person Prospecting

Chapter 19 E-Mail Prospecting

Chapter 20 Text Messaging

Chapter 21 Developing Mental Toughness

Chapter 22 Eleven Words That Changed My Life

Chapter 23 The Only Question That Really Matters



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