Financial Management

Sheeba Kapil

ISBN: 9788126554768

804 pages

INR 709


Written by eminent faculty of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. This book focuses on modern corporate finance concepts and theory. It provides readers a comprehensive approach to contemporary practices in finance and further helps in building systematic understanding of various facets of corporate finance tools, issues, applications & concepts.






Part 1: Introduction to Corporate Finance

· Introduction to Financial Management

· Fundamentals of Financial Statements

· Financial Statement Analysis

· Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis


Part 2: Tools of Corporate Finance

· Time Value of Money

· Investment Risk and Return

· Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing

· Beta: Determination and Implications

· Bonds and Equity Valuation

· Options and Their Valuation


Part 3: Aspects of Corporate Financial Structure

· Cost of Capital

· Financial and Operating Leverages

· Capital Structure

· Dividend Theory

· Dividend Policy


Part 4: Dimensions of Investment

· Capital Budgeting Decisions

· Capital Budgeting Methods

· Capital Budgeting Under Uncertainty


Part 5: Dimensions of Financial

· Working Capital Management

· Short-Term Sources of Financing

· Cash Management

· Receivables Management

· Inventory Management


Part 6: Understanding the Financial Market

· Understanding the Capital

· Understanding the Primary

· Long-Term Finance

· Asset-Based Financing: Leasing and Hire Purchase

· Derivatives

· Venture Capital

· International Corporate Finance


Part 7: Strategic Dimensions for Value Creation

· Corporate Governance

· Mergers and Acquisitions

· Business Valuation

· Brand Valuation

· Strategic Financial Decisions