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Financial Management

Sheeba Kapil

ISBN: 9788126554768

804 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 709


Written by eminent faculty of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. This book focuses on modern corporate finance concepts and theory. It provides readers a comprehensive approach to contemporary practices in finance and further helps in building systematic understanding of various facets of corporate finance tools, issues, applications & concepts.






Part 1: Introduction to Corporate Finance

· Introduction to Financial Management

· Fundamentals of Financial Statements

· Financial Statement Analysis

· Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis


Part 2: Tools of Corporate Finance

· Time Value of Money

· Investment Risk and Return

· Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing

· Beta: Determination and Implications

· Bonds and Equity Valuation

· Options and Their Valuation


Part 3: Aspects of Corporate Financial Structure

· Cost of Capital

· Financial and Operating Leverages

· Capital Structure

· Dividend Theory

· Dividend Policy


Part 4: Dimensions of Investment

· Capital Budgeting Decisions

· Capital Budgeting Methods

· Capital Budgeting Under Uncertainty


Part 5: Dimensions of Financial

· Working Capital Management

· Short-Term Sources of Financing

· Cash Management

· Receivables Management

· Inventory Management


Part 6: Understanding the Financial Market

· Understanding the Capital

· Understanding the Primary

· Long-Term Finance

· Asset-Based Financing: Leasing and Hire Purchase

· Derivatives

· Venture Capital

· International Corporate Finance


Part 7: Strategic Dimensions for Value Creation

· Corporate Governance

· Mergers and Acquisitions

· Business Valuation

· Brand Valuation

· Strategic Financial Decisions