From Impossible To Inevitable :How Hyper-Growth Companies Create Predictable Revenue

Aaron Ross

ISBN: 9788126561261

320 pages


INR 399


This book is a set of five ‘big ideas' that have tripled companies' growth rates. Zenefits is a Silicon Valley company that is on track to grow from $1 million to $120 million in revenue in two years -- the fastest growing software company ever.  Whether you want to add a million or a hundred million in extra revenue, Anyone can learn a lot from Zenefits and the other fast growing Silicon Valley companies like them who follow the same template to success.

Preface: Systematizing Success

Lessons from the World's Fastest-Growing Companies


Part I Nail A Niche

1 "Niche" Doesn't Mean Small

  • Are You Sure You're Ready to Grow Faster?
  • How to Know If You've Nailed A Niche
  • Achieve World Domination One Niche at a Time
  • The Arc of Attention


2 Signs of Slogging

  • Are You a Nice-to-Have?
  • Big Companies Suffer, Too
  • Case Study: Where Aaron Went Wrong
  • Your Current Strength Can Be a Future Weakness


3 How to Nail It

  • Where Can You Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond?
  • Work through the Niche Matrix
  • Case Study: How Avanoo Nailed It
  • Jason's 20-Interview Rule


4 Your Pitch

  • If You Were a Radio Station, Would Anyone Tune In?
  • Elevator Pitches Are Always Frustrating
  • They Don't Care about "You": Three Simple Questions


Part II Create Predictable Pipeline

  • Introduction: Lead Generation Absolves Many Sins


5 Seeds--Customer Success

  • How to Grow Seeds Predictably
  • Case Study: How Gild Dropped Monthly Churn from 4% to 1%
  • Case Study: Customer Service Excellence at Topcon


6 Nets--Inbound Marketing

  • The Forcing Function Your Marketing Leader Needs: A "Lead Commit"
  • Corporate Marketing versus Demand Generation
  • Case Study: Zenefits from $1 Million to $100 Million in ∼Two Years
  • Inbound Marketing: A Four-Point Primer
  • Heroic Marketing: When You Have No Money and Little Time


7 Spears--Outbound Prospecting

  • Where Outbound Works Best--and Where It Fails
  • Outbound Lessons Learned Since Predictable Revenue Was Published
  • Case Study: Zenefits' Outbound Lessons
  • Case Study: Outbound's Role in Acquia's $100 Million Trajectory
  • Case Study: From Zero to $10 Million with Outbound at GuideSpark
  • Case Study: How Tapstream Started from Scratch


8 What Executives Miss

  • Pipeline Creation Rate: Your #1 Leading Metric
  • The 15/85 Rule: Early Adopters and Mainstream Buyers
  • Why You're Underestimating Customer Lifetime Value


Part III Make Sales Scalable

9 Learn from Our Mistakes

  • Growth Creates More Problems Than It Solves--But They Are Better Problems
  • Jason's Top 12 Mistakes in Building Sales Teams
  • Advice from the VP Sales behind LinkedIn and EchoSign


10 Specialization: Your #1 Sales Multiplier

  • Why Salespeople Shouldn't Prospect
  • Case Study: How Clio Restructured Sales in Three Months
  • Can You Be Too Small, or Too Big, to Specialize?
  • Specialization: Two Common Objections
  • Specialization Snapshot at Acquia


11 Sales Leaders

  • The #1 Mis-Hire is the VP / Head of Sales
  • The Right VP Sales for Your Stage
  • Jason's 10 Favorite Interview Questions


12 Hiring Best Practices for Sales

  • Simple Hiring Tricks
  • When Doing Something New, Start with Two
  • The $100 Million HubSpot Sales Machine: Recruiting and Coaching Essentials
  • Case Study: How to Cut Down on Wasted Interviewing


13 Scaling the Sales Team

  • If You're Churning More Than 10% of Your Salespeople, They Aren't the Problem
  • Case Study: Scaling Sales from 2 to 350 Reps at Zenefits
  • Jason's Advice to CEOs: Put Nonsales Leaders on Variable Comp Plans, Too
  • Truth Equals Money
  • Pipeline Deficit Disorder  
  • Are Your Enterprise Deals Taking Forever?
  • Five Key Sales Metrics (with a Twist)


14 For Startups Only

  • Every Tech Company Should Offer Services
  • What Jason Invests In, and Do You Need to Raise Money to Scale?
  • What the Headcount of a 100-Person SaaS Company Looks Like


Part IV Double Your Deal-size

15 Deal Size Math

  • What Jason Learned: You Need 50 Million Users to Make Freemium Work
  • Small Deals Get You Started, Big Deals Drive Growth


16 Not Too Big, Not Too Small

  • When You Can't Turn Small Deals into Big Ones
  • If You Have Customers of All Sizes


17 Going Upmarket

  • If You Don't Want Salespeople ...
  • Add Another Top Pricing Tier
  • Pricing Is Always a Pain
  • Going Fortune 1000 (by Mark Cranney)


Part V Do The Time

18 Embrace Frustration

  • Are You Sure You're Ready for This?
  • Everyone Has a Year of Hell
  • Comfort Is the Enemy of Growth
  • Motivation: How Aaron Reached Escape Velocity


19 Success Isn't a Straight Line

  • The Anxiety Economy and Entrepreneur Depression
  • Mark Suster's Question: "Should a Person Learn or Earn?"
  • When a Straight Line Isn't the Shortest Path to Success
  • Change Your World, Not the World


Part VI Embrace Employee Ownership

20 A Reality Check

  • Dear Executives (From an Employee)
  • Dear Employee (From the Executives)
  • P.S.: "Dear Senior Executives, Don't Get Left Behind" (From the CEO and Board)
  • Are Your People Renting or Owning?


21 For Executives: Create Functional Ownership

  • A Simple Survey
  • "No Surprises"
  • Functional Ownership
  • Case Study: How a Struggling Team Turned into a Self-Managing Success
  • To Turn Things Around


22 Taking Ownership to the Next Level

  • Financial Ownership
  • Move People Around
  • The Four Types of Employees


Part VII Define Your Destiny

23 Are You Abdicating Your Opportunity?

  • Your Opportunity Is Bigger Than You Realize
  • How to Expand Your Opportunity at Work
  • You Need Some Humdrum Passions
  • Your Company Isn't Your Mommy or Daddy
  • Back to Forcing Functions: How to Motivate Yourself to Do Things You Don't Feel Like Doing
  • Sales Is a Life Skill
  • Sales Is a Multistep Process


24 Combining Money and Meaning

  • Meaning Gone Wrong
  • What's Your Unique Genius?
  • Ignoring Real Life Doesn't Make It Go Away
  • Aaron: How the Hell Do You Juggle 12 Kids and Work?


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