Fundamentals of Agribusiness Finance

Ralph W. Battles

ISBN: 9788126544585

196 pages

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Fundamentals of Agribusiness Finance is a concise, handy guide, complete with a glossary of terms and an index. The text presents clear, direct explanations of basic concepts and procedures that the successful agribusiness operator must know. Starting with an overview of domestic and international trends, the text moves through the basics of loans such as mortgages and deeds of trust, the time value of money, interest, discounting, calculations and amortization, refinancing, cash budgeting and graphing loans. Capital budgeting, leases, taxes, financial statements and statement analysis are included. Formulas are provided for figuring liquidity, solvency, profitability and repayment capacity.


• Introduction to Agribusiness Finance

• Agribusiness Loans

• Time Value of Money, Loan Calculations and Analysis

• Capital Budgeting and Leasing

• Financial Statements

• Financial Statement Analysis

• Risk in Agribusiness

• The Agricultural Lending Industry: Commercial Banks and the Farm Credit System

• Other Agribusiness Lenders