HR Analytics: Practical Approach Using Python

Bharti Motwani

ISBN: 9789354240027

652 pages

INR 619


HR Analytics: Practical Approach Using Python will enable readers gain sufficient knowledge and experience to perform analysis of data related to different processes executed in the HR department. Different tools and techniques available in Python for gaining an insight related to numeric, text and image data of current and prospective employees have been discussed in the book. In order to provide a more meaningful and easier learning experience, this book has been written with more interesting and relevant real-life examples.


Section I HR Data Exploration, Extraction, and Visualization

Chapter 1 HR Analytics and Python

Chapter 2 Employee Data Exploration Using Core Modules and Libraries

Chapter 3 Employee Data Visualization and Dashboards Using Core Libraries

Chapter 4 Employee Data Extraction Using SQL


Section II HR Analytics Using Basic Statistical Techniques

Chapter 5 Design Compensation and Benefit Plan Using Conjoint Analysis

Chapter 6 Forecast HR Cost Using Time Series Modeling (ARIMA)

Chapter 7 Manpower Planning Using Monte Carlo Simulation and Markov Chain

Chapter 8 Evaluate Training and Development Programs Using Compare Means


Section III HR Analytics Using Unsupervised Machine Learning

Chapter 9 Identify Association of Employee Job Satisfaction Using Association Rule

Chapter 10 Determine Factors of Performance Appraisal System Using Dimension Reduction Algorithms

Chapter 11 Assess Employee Absenteeism Using Clustering Techniques


Section IV HR Analytics Using Supervised Machine Learning

Chapter 12 Predict Employee Salary/Pay Rate Using Supervised Machine Learning Regression Techniques

Chapter 13 Predict Employee Attrition Using Supervised Machine Learning Classification Techniques

Chapter 14 Predict Employee Promotion Using Neural Network Model


Section V HR Analytics for Text and Image Data

Chapter 15 Review Resume Using Text Mining

Chapter 16 Evaluate Employee Reviews Using Sentiment Analysis

Chapter 17 Automate HR Help Desk Using Chatbots

Chapter 18 Employee Recruitment and Selection Using Recommendation System

Chapter 19 Measure Employee Happiness Using Image Data Processing



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