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Inbound Marketing for Dummies

Scott Anderson Miller

ISBN: 9788126558438

390 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 699


Inbound Marketing For Dummies will help you survive in today's complex business climate by showing you how to increase brand awareness, cement your brand loyalty, engage with potential buyers in a more conversational, human way and attract new buyers to your site. You'll discover how to use your website, social media, blogging, viral marketing and more to pull in new buyers to your site and grow your relationship with existing customers. You will also have access to a variety of worksheets and checklists online to help you expand your inbound marketing education beyond the book.




Part I: Getting Started with Inbound Marketing

Chapter 1: What Is Inbound Marketing, Anyway?

Chapter 2: Introducing the Inbound Philosophy into Your Organization

Chapter 3: Diagnosing Your Current Inbound Marketing Performance

Chapter 4: Prescribing Strategic Inbound Marketing Solutions

Chapter 5: Applying Inbound Solutions: Executing Your Plan


Part II: The Art and Science of Consumer Connections

Chapter 6: Mapping Your Customers' Purchase Paths

Chapter 7: Discovering Customer Needs with Keywords

Chapter 8: Connecting People with Your Products


Part III: Building a Customer Conversion Machine

Chapter 9: Building Your Conversion Machine

Chapter 10: Organizing Your Website for Attraction and Conversion

Chapter 11: Creating a Call to Action Map


Part IV: Fueling Visitor Needs with Content Marketing

Chapter 12: Creating Valuable Content: The 4 E's of Content Marketing

Chapter 13: Creating Inbound Campaigns with Content

Chapter 14: Blogging for Attraction


Part V: Attracting Visitors to Your Website

Chapter 15: Growing Your Organic Traffic

Chapter 16: Attracting Visitors with Paid Search

Chapter 17: Attracting Visitors with Social Media Sharing

Chapter 18: Using Email to Attract and Reattract


Part VI: Understanding the Power of Conversion

Chapter 19: Knowing Your Conversion Types

Chapter 20: Increasing Website Conversions

Chapter 21: Building Effective Landing Pages


Part VII: Measuring Success with Analytics

Chapter 22: Measuring Your Inbound Marketing Results

Chapter 23: Understanding User Testing


Part VIII: The Part of Tens

Chapter 24: Ten Steps to Implementing Inbound Marketing

Chapter 25: Ten Important Inbound Marketing Metrics