India: A Billion Dreams Rise from the Dust: A Billion Entrepreneurs, A Billion Dreams

Dr. S. Dasgupta, T.C. Dhoundiyal

ISBN: 9789390581245

410 pages

INR 625


This book promotes a framework – the 3-C framework and through a series of disguised case studies the book demonstrates actual use of the framework. It can be used as a text book for teaching innovation & entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship in academic institutions. It will also be useful for trainers in management field and by academics in management schools for conducting management development programs in innovation The 3 C framework described in the book can be used by corporate executives to accelerate innovation efforts and build new core competencies to launch high growth new businesses.


Part-1: Resilience: The Spirit of India 1

  • Royal Enfield Bullet: Rules the Roads Once More!
  • Ford India: A Hindustani Model-T! The Resilience of a MNC in India
  • Hamara Chetak: The Quintessential Indian Scooter! Signifying the Indian Spirit
  • Hari Bhari Recyclable: Disruptive Innovation to Improve the Society
  • UX Gorilla: The Design Thinkers! Building an Innovation Ecosystem
  • Autobot India: The Future is Here! Porterian Wisdom and the Hindustani Spirit


Part-2: Road to Hell

  • The Valley of Death
  • The Nine Devils Every Entrepreneur Must Face
  • The End of a Generation
  • The Value of Deep Thinking: Heart of Entrepreneurship
  • Hope of Deliverance


Part-3: Strategy Revisited: From 3S to 3I

  • Nature of Competition: Now and Then
  • I For India, I For Innovation
  • Being Good, Being Original: The Value of First-Hand Research
  • Vision — Mission — Core Values. Three Most Misunderstood Words in Management
  • Why Innovation Efforts Fail?
  • The 1-2-3 of New Product Development Strategy (Observe-Reflect-Introspect)


Part-4 Resilient Thinking: Building the 3-C Framework 95

  • Resilient Thinking: Deriving its Basic Tenets
  • The 3 C’s Framework: An Introduction
  • Grounding it in Academics: The Regenerative Dynamic Capabilities Theory
  • Building One’s Own Theory
  • Coordination: Winning Hearts
  • Collaboration: A Team Beyond The Four Walls
  • Co-Evolve: Stretch to Combine the Opposites

Part-5: Short Case Studies


Part-6: Case Teaching Notes: Building a New Set of Core Competencies (Translating Theory into Practice)


Part-7: The Concept of Counter-Intuition: The Art of Making the Impossible Possible


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