Instant Memory Training For Success: Practical Techniques for a Sharper Mind

Chester Santos

ISBN: 9788126579846

168 pages



INR 299


Instant Memory Training For Success will specifically address topics of concern to business professionals, students, and Baby Boomers, while at the same time covering the latest and most powerful, effective, and useful memory techniques that will appeal to everyone. The book will focus on practical applications useful to the average person, rather than getting bogged down with theory or things that don't work -- the book will take a fun, accessible and practical approach, rather than a scientific and theoretical one (like many books on the market).



1 Overview: Your Most Valuable Business Asset  

2 The Building Blocks

3 Build Better Business Relationships

4 Impress in the Boardroom

5 Dealing with Numbers

6 From the Boardroom Back to the Classroom

7 Speak Your Client's Language

8 All Work and No Play?

9 Final Considerations

10 This IS a Test

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