Lessons For Successful Short-Term Trading

Dr. Bobby Srinivasan

ISBN: 9788126567669

200 pages

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The entire focus of this book is on trading in the stock, currency and commodity markets in India. It is completely practice oriented. The book is based upon author’s nearly 40 years of trading experience in the various global markets including that of India.  





Experiential Trading: An Introduction

  • Learning in the Question Format
  • Role of Observation in Learning
  • Steps for Understanding Markets, Especially the Currency
  • Price Movements
  • Pride in Wealth Creation
  • The Story of Indian Stock Market Unfolding
  • Intention of This Book
  • The Need for This Book


1 Basics of Trading

  • Lessons to Take Home


2 Risks in Trading

  • Lessons to Take Home


3 Relevant Macro-Economic Fundamentals

  • Lessons to Take Home
  • Currency Value and Market Economic Growth
  • Interest Rate and Inflation
  • Too Much Money Supply and Inflation
  • Fiscal Deficit and Currency Value
  • Liquidity Crisis and Currency Value
  • Fundamental Factors Affecting the Market Performance
  • Foreign Participation and Price Discovery
  • Role of RBI in the Market
  • Financial Market Efficiency
  • Market Friendly Government


4 Dealing with Gaps and Relevant Trading Tools

  • Lessons to Take Home


5 Trading in Foreign Currencies: An Introduction to Derivatives

  • Lessons to Take Home
  • Tools for Trading
  • Simple Truths about the Options Market
  • Liquidity
  • Commissions
  • Exchange Traded
  • Option Terminology
  • Three Important Reasons in Trading Options
  • Options Pricing Variables
  • Expiration Dates
  • Strike Price
  • Option Trading Strategies Using the Trading Tools
  • Trading Strategies for Nifty
  • Nifty Trading
  • Issues Related to Trading
  • Use of the Delta, Theta, Gamma and Rho in Constructing
  • Option Strategies
  • Examples of Trading Options
  • Relative Strength Indicator


6 How to be a Successful Trader

  • The Risk Taker
  • The System Trader
  • Planning a Trade
  • Trading is a Scalable Skill
  • Coping with Losses
  • What does it take to be a Winning Trader?
  • Conclusion


7 US Macroeconomic Parameters and Their Usefulness


8 Examples of Real-Life Trading

  • Nifty Trading


9 Usefulness of Trading Tools with Examples

  • Spot Trading
  • Forward Contract
  • Futures Market
  • Examples from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)


10 Some Methods in Trading

  • How to Use Normal Distribution
  • Simple Moving Average Method
  • Rules of Trading
  • Building a Story for Trading


11 Some Thoughts on Trading Practice and Practical


12 General Observations

  • Observations on Crude Oil
  • Observations on the Japanese Abenomics
  • Observations on Asset, Quality and Liquidity
  • Observations on the US Federal Reserve
  • Role of Observation in Trading and Investment


Importance of Observation


Appendix: Measurement of Risk