Managing Marketing: A Concise Approach

Noel Capon, Siddharth Shekhar Singh

ISBN: 9788126548521

544 pages

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INR 539


Managing Marketing: A Concise Approach is about understanding how to develop market strategy, implement market offers and manage the marketing process. This is not a book that attempts to describe all there is to know about marketing, but focuses on what the prospective manager needs to know. Managing Marketing: A Concise Approach differs from other senior undergraduate and introductory graduate marketing texts. The authors take a position on what they believe is a better or worse course of action for marketers. Marketing is an applied field; the authors believe they should provide guidance for good marketing practice.




Concluding Statement


Section I: Marketing and the Firm

Chapter 1: Introduction to Managing Marketing

Chapter 2: The Value of Customers


Section II: Fundamental Insights for Strategic Marketing

Chapter 3: Market Insight

Chapter 4: Customer Insight

Chapter 5: Insight about Competitors, Company and Complementers

Chapter 6: Marketing Research


Transition to Strategic Marketing


Section III: Strategic Marketing

Imperative 1: Determine and Recommend Which Markets to Address

Chapter 7: Identifying and Choosing Opportunities


Imperative 2: Identify and Target Market Segments

Chapter 8: Market Segmentation and Targeting


Imperative 3: Set Strategic Direction and Positioning

Chapter 9: Market Strategy — Integrating Firm Efforts for Marketing Success

Chapter 10: Managing through the Life Cycle

Chapter 11: Managing Brands


Section IV: Implementing the Market Strategy

Imperative 4: Design the Market Offer


Part A. Providing Customer Value

Chapter 12: Managing the Product Line

Chapter 13: Managing Services and Customer Service

Chapter 14: Developing New Products


Part B. Communicating Customer Value

Chapter 15: Integrated Marketing Communications

Chapter 16: Mass and Digital Communication

Chapter 17: Directing and Managing the Field Sales Effort


Part C. Delivering Customer Value

Chapter 18: Distribution Decisions


Part D. Getting Paid for Customer Value

Chapter 19: Critical Underpinnings of Pricing Decisions

Chapter 20: Setting Prices


Imperative 5: Secure Support from Other Functions

Chapter 21: Ensuring the Firm Implements the Market Offer as Planned


Imperative 6: Monitor and Control

Chapter 22: Monitoring and Controlling Firm Performance and Functioning


Section V: Special Marketing Topics

Chapter 23: International, Regional, and Global Marketing

Chapter 24: Rural Marketing in India





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