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Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital

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Author : Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, Iwan Setiawan
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ISBN 13 : 9788126566938
Pages : 208
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Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital is the much-needed handbook for next-generation marketing. Written by the world's leading marketing authorities, this book helps you navigate the increasingly connected world and changing consumer landscape to reach more customers, more effectively. Today's customers have less time and attention to devote to your brand—and they are surrounded by alternatives every step of the way. You need to stand up, get their attention, and deliver the message they want to hear. This book examines the marketplace's shifting power dynamics, the paradoxes wrought by connectivity, and the increasing sub-culture splintering that will shape tomorrow's consumer; this foundation shows why Marketing 4.0 is becoming imperative for productivity, and this book shows you how to apply it to your brand today.


Prologue: From Marketing 3.0 to Marketing 4.0

About the Authors


Part I Fundamental Trends Shaping Marketing

1 Power Shifts to the Connected Customers

  • From Exclusive to Inclusive
  • From Vertical to Horizontal
  • From Individual to Social
  • Summary: Horizontal, Inclusive and Social


2 The Paradoxes of Marketing to Connected Customers

  • Breaking the Myths of Connectivity
  • Summary: Marketing amid Paradoxes


3 The Influential Digital Subcultures

  • Youth: Acquiring the Mind Share
  • Women: Growing the Market Share
  • Netizens: Expanding the Heart Share
  • Summary: Youth, Women and Netizens


4 Marketing 4.0 in the Digital Economy

  • Moving from Traditional to Digital Marketing
  • Integrating Traditional and Digital Marketing
  • Summary: Redefining Marketing in the Digital Economy


Part II New Frameworks for Marketing in The Digital Economy

5 The New Customer Path

  • Understanding How People Buy: From Four A's to Five A's
  • Driving from Awareness to Advocacy: The O Zone (O3)
  • Summary: Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act and Advocate


6 Marketing Productivity Metrics

  • Introducing PAR and BAR
  • Decomposing PAR and BAR
  • Driving Up Productivity
  • Summary: Purchase Action Ratio and Brand Advocacy Ratio


7 Industry Archetypes and Best Practices

  • Four Major Industry Archetypes
  • Four Marketing Best Practices
  • Summary: Learning from Different Industries


Part III Tactical Marketing Applications in The Digital Economy

8 Human-Centric Marketing for Brand Attraction

  • Understanding Humans Using Digital Anthropology
  • Building the Six Attributes of Human-Centric Brands
  • Summary: When Brands Become Humans


9 Content Marketing for Brand Curiosity

  • Content Is the New Ad, #Hashtag Is the New Tagline
  • Step-by-Step Content Marketing
  • Summary: Creating Conversations with Content


10 Omni channel Marketing for Brand Commitment

  • The Rise of Omni channel Marketing
  • Step-by-Step Omni channel Marketing
  • Summary: Integrating the Best of Online and Offline Channels


11 Engagement Marketing for Brand Affinity

  • Enhancing Digital Experiences with Mobile Apps
  • Providing Solutions with Social CRM
  • Driving Desired Behavior with Gamification


Summary: Mobile Apps, Social CRM and Gamification

Epilogue: Getting to WOW!

What Is a "WOW"?

Enjoy, Experience, Engage: WOW!

Are You Ready to WOW?


Philip Kotler is the S.C. Johnson Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and one of the world's leading authorities on marketing. His writing has defined marketing around the world for the past forty years.


Hermawan Katajaya runs MarkPlus Consulting, the largest marketing consulting firm in Indonesia and is coauthor with Kotler of several books.


Iwan Setiawan is a business writer and senior consultant at MarkPlus Consulting, where he consults for clients on marketing strategies.



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