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Marketing Research

Dr. P. Sathyapriya

ISBN: 9789351197751

264 pages

INR 349


The book starts with an introduction about marketing research and the process involved in performing research. It is followed by a discussion on research design and sampling design with the data collection methods and techniques. The data collection is guided with formulation of questionnaire and development of scales. Process of coding and tabulating of the data with testing the reliability and validity of the scales is elaborated in Chapter 7. Once data is ready for analysis, SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) is introduced for quantitative analysis. Second part of the book from chapters 7 through 11 brings out the application of SPSS for simple statistical methods.


Chapter 1: Marketing Research,

Chapter 2: Marketing Research Process,

Chapter 3: Research Design,

Chapter 4: Sampling Design,

Chapter 5: Data Collection Methods,

Chapter 6: Measurement Scaling,

Chapter 7: Field Work and Data Preparation,

Chapter 8: Introduction to SPSS,

Chapter 9: Basic Data Analysis, Basic Data Analysis,

Chapter 10: Establishing Hypothesis and Testing,

Chapter 11: Determining Association among Variables,

Chapter 12: Determining Dependent Independent Relationship,

Chapter 13: Decision Making Models,

Chapter 14: Data Reduction Techniques,

Chapter 15: Brand Positioning Methods