Objections: The Ultimate Guide for Mastering The Art and Science of Getting Past No

Jeb Blount, Mark Hunter

ISBN: 9788126578818

Exclusively distributed by Pan Macmillan



Following in the footsteps of Fanatical Prospecting and Sales EQ, Objections! is a comprehensive and contemporary guide to the age old problem of getting past NO. It engages readers and pulls them in with examples and stories while teaching specific human-influence frame works and techniques for turning around sales objections. Nothing strikes fear in the heart of salespeople more than the potential of getting a NO. As long as sellers have been asking buyers to make commitments, buyers have been responding with objections; and, as long as buyers have been hitting salespeople with objections, salespeople have been in a desperate search for ways to avoid or overcome those objections.

Foreword The Democracy of Objections by Mark Hunter

Introduction It Wasn't Supposed To Be This Book  

Chapter 1 Asking--The Most Important Discipline in Sales  

Chapter 2 How to Ask

Chapter 3 The Four Objections You Meet in a Deal

Chapter 4 The Science of Resistance  

Chapter 5 Objections Are Not Rejection, But They Feel That Way

Chapter 6 The Science Behind the Hurt

Chapter 7 The Curse of Rejection

Chapter 8 Rejection Proof

Chapter 9 Avoiding Objections Is Stupid

Chapter 10 Prospecting Objections

Chapter 11 Yes Has a Number

Chapter 12 Red Herrings

Chapter 13 Micro-Commitment Objections

Chapter 14 Buying Commitment Objections

Chapter 15 Bending Win Probability in Your Favor

Chapter 16 The Relentless Pursuit of Yes



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