Project Management

C.S. Parthasarathy

ISBN: 9789389976076

464 pages

INR 485


This book aims at supplementing current academic programmes of schools/colleges/institutes of (i) Management and (ii) Technology/Engineering and to assist in appreciating real-life practical approach in Project Management. It is hoped that educational institutions will find it a unique book for case studies in Project Management facilitating more effective and close co-ordination of efforts, particularly in respect of inter-related programmes/projects. The book will be equally usefull for the use of, and application by, professionals, practitioners, etc.


  • Project management
  • Project appraisal
  • Network planning and scheduling technique
  • Performance budgeting for capital projects
  • Resource allocation
  • Squared or time-based network plan
  • Standardisation and network technique (PERT/CPM)
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Project risk assessment and analysis
  • Probability of achieving deadlines
  • Some aspects of management of construction contracts
  • Project monitoring and information system
  • Management by exception
  • Project completion report
  • Sweetwater hydroelectric project a case study
  • Deep valley hydro-electric project resource-based network plan a case study
  • Network-based planning & control system for iron ore export programme
  • Application of network technique (PERT/CPM) to health programmes
  • Planning of power projects
  • Management information system for power projects
  • Management of maintenance
  • Application of network technique (PERT/CPM) to operation and maintenance
  • State-wide monitoring and information system for plan implementation
  • Project consultancy
  • Training in project planning, scheduling and monitoring lesson plan
  • Use of computers
  • Cases/problems
  • Project organization structure
  • Ethics in project management
  • Conclusion


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