The Little Black Book of Decision Making: Making Complex Decisions with Confidence in a Fast - Moving World

Michael Nicholas

ISBN: 9788126579853

256 pages


INR 299


It is clear that some organisations consistently win in the marketplace, while others struggle from crisis to crisis. The primary factor that determines which way they go is the quality of the decisions made by their leaders. For this reason, and because it determines how well every other talent or capability we have can be applied, professional judgement is one of the most important leadership attributes. The challenge is that making decisions, whether relating to strategy, operational crises or people, cannot reliably be boiled down to the 'science' of pure reasoning in a process that will provide all the answers, even though many people have been misled to believe this is the case.


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Part 1 -- No Place for Old Dogs: New Tricks Required

1. Let's Get Real: We All Make Mistakes  

2. Rule Makers, Rule Breakers

3. Coping with an Era of Acceleration


Part 2 -- Mindset Matters! Getting Beyond the Process

4. What Could be Wrong with "Being Right"?

5. The "Reality" Delusion

6. Wired for Flight and Fight

7. The Dance of Old and New


Part 3 -- Transforming Decision Making from the Inside Out

8. The Inside-Out Challenge

9. Evolving the Brain

10. Unlocking Creativity Through Mindfulness