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Web Marketing All-In-One For Dummies, 2ed

John Arnold, Michael Becker, Marty Dickinson, Ian Lurie, Elizabeth Marsten

ISBN: 9788126559749

940 pages

INR 699


Why buy several books on web marketing when you can buy just one? With this must-have resource, five marketing professionals team up to share their expertise in the field of web marketing so that you can benefit from their know-how. Covering everything from site building, search engine optimization, and web analytics to online advertising, e-mail marketing, and harnessing the potential of social media, this team of web marketing gurus brings their insight and experience to the table and it's yours for the taking.



Book I: Web Presence

Chapter 1: Internet Business Basics

Chapter 2: Making Money Online

Chapter 3: Designing to Sell

Chapter 4: Creating and Connecting Multiple Websites

Chapter 5: Creating Exceptional Copy That Sells

Chapter 6: Lead-Generation for Business Growth

Chapter 7: Getting Help with Your Web Presence


Book II: Search Engine Optimization

Chapter 1: Getting Ready for SEO

Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Keywords

Chapter 3: Eliminating Search Engine Roadblocks

Chapter 4: Making Search Engines Love Your Site

Chapter 5: Understanding Blended Search

Chapter 6: Writing Great Copy for Search Engines

Chapter 7: Building Link Love

Chapter 8: Analyzing Your Results

Chapter 9: Hiring an SEO Professional


Book III: Web Analytics

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Analytics

Chapter 2: Tracking Traffic Volumes

Chapter 3: Measuring Your Best Referrers

Chapter 4: Measuring Visit Quality

Chapter 5: Using Conversion Goals

Chapter 6: Using Goal Funnels


Book IV: Online Advertising and Pay Per Click

Chapter 1: Grasping PPC Methods

Chapter 2: Combining PPC and Search Engines

Chapter 3: Making Keyword Lists That Sell

Chapter 4: Writing Ads That Earn Clicks and Pay You Back

Chapter 5: Budgeting and Bidding on Keywords

Chapter 6: Legally Speaking: PPC and the Law

Chapter 7: Using Tools, Tips and Tricks of the Trade


Book V: E-Mail Marketing

Chapter 1: Adding E-Mail to a Web Marketing Strategy

Chapter 2: Becoming a Trusted Sender

Chapter 3: Building a Quality E-Mail List

Chapter 4: Constructing an Effective Marketing E-Mail

Chapter 5: Making Your E-Mail Content Valuable

Chapter 6: Tracking Your E-Mail Campaign Results

Chapter 7: Maximizing E-Mail Deliverability


Book VI: Blogging and Podcasting

Chapter 1: Picking Your Blog Topic

Chapter 2: Getting Yer Blog On

Chapter 3: Writing Like a Blogger

Chapter 4: Tracking Other Blogs

Chapter 5: Getting Involved on Other Blogs

Chapter 6: Promoting Your Posts

Chapter 7: Introducing Podcasting


Book VII: Social Media Marketing

Chapter 1: Understanding Social Media

Chapter 2: Creating Your Social Media Desktop

Chapter 3: Creating Your Social Media Plan

Chapter 4: Navigating Top Social Media Sites

Chapter 5: Building Your Network

Chapter 6: Creating a Winning Social Media Campaign


Book VIII: Mobile Marketing

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Mobile Marketing

Chapter 2: Planning a Mobile Marketing Campaign

Chapter 3: Running Mobile Communication Campaigns

Chapter 4: Displaying Your Advertising on Mobile Devices

Chapter 5: Delivering Valuable Mobile Content

Chapter 6: Getting Paid for Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

Chapter 7: Tracking a Mobile Marketing Campaign